Do You Know These Facts Regarding South Africa? Africa is a beautiful country, with a very interesting culture and landscape. It has been a tourist destination for decades, but there is still little known common knowledge about it. As such, this article will cover some of the most interesting facts about the country, so you can better plan your vacation and choose which locations to visit.

The coastline of South Africa is one of the most beautiful in the world. It stretches 2,798 kilometers from the deserts in the northwest of the country, to the coast of Cape Agulhas. There is also the well-know green hills and long, wide beaches along the coast of the Indian Ocean, which then meet up with the border in the northeast (Mozambique).

Anyone who wants to visit any of the coastal regions will be in for a real treat, as there are major variations along it. The most popular area is the low lying coastal zone along the Indian Ocean, which is situated in front of the high island plateaus. The Kalahari desert is situated in the north of the country, and forms part of the highlands.

Johannesburg is also located on the high plateau, which stands at 1,700 meters above sea level. There are other large cities in the country, but they are found much closer to the coastal area (for example, Cape Town, Durban, and Port Elizabeth).

With ocean on three sides of the country, the environment is warm (based on the altitude), and the sun is present in most months of the year. While sunny, the air is also very dry with an annual rainfall of 450mm.

The mountain ranges in the Drakensberg region are great for skiing, as there is snow during the winter months. Most people are unaware of these South Africa facts. There is also snow which sometimes falls on the high mountain areas in the Western Cape (but rarely, and only in winter).

Other African nationality insight worth knowing are that it was declared a republic in 1961, when the ties to the commonwealth were broken. In 1948, the National Party came to power and instituted a racist policy throughout the country. This policy, apartheid, was opposed during the 1960’s during many demonstrations and movements. The most famous of the incidents was in 1964 when the leader of the ANC (Africa National Congress), Nelson Mandela, was handed a life sentence.

The demonstrations intensified in the years after this, and in 1976 an uprising in the town of Soweto spread across other towns, leaving six hundred people dead.

After the collapse of the racist system, a triumphant moment was seen in 1994 when Nelson Mandala became the first democratically elected President of the country. It was an historical moment for people all over the world.

Knowing these South Africa facts will help you to understand the country and to make plans for a visit. It is a great country to visit and a place that can provide you with memories you will treasure.